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Registration is closed. 

LocalMotion Arts Festival:
Jess Lucas Y-Teen Park
680 S Central Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354
Saturday, September 22 11 AM – 10 PM

Artist Walk Experience: 11 AM – 7 PM
Inside The Park Experience: 11 AM – 10 PM
Headline Act: 8 – 10 PM

Spin the District Bike Race will be going on the same time a 1/2 block away:
Bike racing adjacent to the festival: 9 AM – 5 PM

 ·  Art Vendor Staging: Staging will be on S. Central Ave, just before the post office on S. Fulton St. Please look at the attached map for road closures. You will need to access S. Central Ave, from N. Central Ave east of downtown, by crossing over the railroad tracks. We will have plenty of signage out. Do not try to come to the staging area from around the airport, Atlanta Ave will be closed and all the streets south of it due to the bike race that is going on. 

·  Set-up: 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OUT OF THE FESTIVAL AREA NO LATER THAN 10:15 AM. No Vehicles will be allowed in the festival area between the hours of 10:30 AM- 7:00 PM for the Artist Walk and 10:30 AM-10: 00 PM for Inside the Park. There is no early teardown.

·  Finding your location: After you are given your assigned location, you will either continue down S. Central Ave to your spot or you will turn left onto Atlanta Ave to your spot.


We worked really hard to make set-up and tear down easier this year, but for it to work we all need to cooperate with each other by pulling on the opposite side of the street at an angle, unloading and immediately moving your car. We will have volunteers there to watch your items while you park. Most of all, please be patient with each other.

·  Parking: Vendors on the Atlanta Ave side will park south of the festival on Doug Davis Blvd, just two blocks away. Vendors on the S. Central side will park on Dogwood Ave. We will have plenty of parking signage to guide you. Inside the park vendors will follow either the the S. Central or Atlanta Ave directions depending on your location. You will be told which way you are going at Staging.

·  Teardown: The Artist Walk is at 7:00 PM and will happen in reverse of set-up. Atlanta Ave side will drive north and will exit heading east (turn right) on S. Central. Vendors on S. Central will come in from Dogwood and head east, exiting the same way. All Inside The Park vendor parking for tear down will be on Atlanta Ave after the Atlanta Funk Society finishes their set at 10:00 PM.

·  Volunteers: We are doing our best to make sure we have plenty of volunteers to help make setup and teardown as smooth as possible. Please just remember to have patience. We will have volunteers in Blue LocalMotion shirts walking around the festival. Just ask them for help. We will also have an information booth with volunteers on the corner of Atlanta and S. Central as well as near the food trucks.

·  Sales Tax & Booth Numbers: Within your packet provided at staging, we will be giving you a number for your booth as well as a misc. sales tax form. Please attach both of these to your booth. The Misc. Form is for you to fill out if you do not have a Sales Tax # after the festival is completed. If you have a sales tax number, please have it displayed or handy should someone happen to ask for it. (hint.. hint – rumor has it we might have an agent coming to all the events this weekend.)

·  Lights: Inside the Park vendors will need to supply lights as the sun sets at 8:00pm. We recommend Christmas lights. Please bring an extension cord to connect to electricity.

·  We have been updating the website as quickly as we can. It’s a great resource and should answer most of your questions. https://localmotionfest.com/

Download the packet.
Download the Sales Tax Form


1) All artwork must be original and completed by the artist registering for the booth.

2) Multiple employee studios engaged in production work are not eligible to participate.

3) Absolutely no buy-sell of any kind is permitted. Prohibited items include:

– T-shirts/ commercial clothing/promotional posters
– Manufactured toys of any kind
– Commercially manufactured or reproduced items (resale)
– Jewelry made from more than 50% manufactured components
– Any item that employs the use of commercially available molds or patterns

4) Art vendors can only sell artwork. No food, promotional, or personal merchandise. 

5) You, the artist, must attend the show and sit with your own booth; no one else may represent your work at the Festival. No agents, dealers or representatives may attend in place of the artist(s). Volunteer booth sitters will be available for short breaks upon request.

6) Artists must check-in at the Festival parking/staging area before entering the festival area to set up.

7) Artists may NOT begin dismantling their booths until the section area of the festival closes, (see event times) and must remain with their booths until that time.

8) You must supply your own tent, tables, and chairs.

9) There will be no rain date for inclement weather.

10) There will be no refunds for inclement weather or cancellation by the artist. This is an outdoor festival, for which you will be renting a 10’ X 10’ or 10’x20′ space only, and tents are not supplied. There are limited spaces in the shade; therefore, we recommend you bring a tent for your booth.

11) All booth spaces are assigned. If you request that your booth be located next to another artist, we will try our best to accommodate, but we will not guarantee it.

12) The LocalMotion Arts Festival Committee has the right to reject any art they deem inappropriate. Please keep in mind this is a family-oriented festival.

13) The Atlanta Tri-Cities Arts Association, LocalMotion Festival Committee, volunteer staff and personnel of the City of Hapeville, cannot and will not assume liability for loss, damage, or injury to anyone participating in the LocalMotion Arts Festival, nor for loss of any property. If insurance is desired, it must be secured by the participating vendor.

14) Please carefully read and complete and sign the application – incomplete applications may be rejected.

15) Booth space costs increase each month during registration. Sign up early for the discount!

Sept. —————$150.00 / $200 for a double booth
Electrical $75.00 optional

Includes electricity when pre-requested
Sept. —————$150.00 / $200 for a double booth

16) The LocalMotion Festival offers two artist booth areas providing two very distinct experiences.

– The Artist Walk: These booths are scheduled to run from 11 am – 7 pm and will require vendors to tear down by 8:00 pm to allow for the main music event to take place and to account for the setting sun. This area is located on the two city streets that surround the park (South Central Ave and Atlanta Avenue). It is the largest area of the festival allowing for roughly 75 – 100 vendors. Sunset is 7:34PM for the day and electrical will be very limited in the Artist Walk and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

– Inside the Park: These booths are for vendors looking to make a full day of the festival and maximize all of the hours the festival is officially open and will run from 11 am – 10 pm. It will be a long day, but we believe a very fun and rewarding day. Starting after 7:00 pm and running until around 10 pm the festival will morph into more of a Music event with several larger acts expected to play. Inside of the park has electrical that can be provided to you, though you have to provide at least 25ft of your own extension cords (we recommend more to be safe) Inside of Jess Lucas Park is a gravel walk that your booth will be just off of. YOUR BOOTH WILL BE IN THE GRASS, AND WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR SPOT WILL BE COMPLETELY LEVEL OR THAT YOUR ART WILL NOT GET WET IN THE EVENT OF RAIN. Jess Lucas Park is a beautiful tree-lined park that is mostly level, with some roots from the 100+year-old oak trees that surround it. You will not be allowed to tear down until after the festival is over. At the close of the festival, the parking lot will open up to allow vendors to pull in and tear down. No vehicles are allowed on the grass. Also, no spikes will be allowed to hold down your tent. Please use weights.

17) Mailed entry forms: No longer available

18) Jury process and selection to show: Selection to the show will be made by the LocalMotion Visual Arts Committee. We are looking for a diverse selection of mediums, and we will choose artists based on the total number of entries per category and by the supplied information as best as possible. We will notify you no later than July 30th if you are or are not selected to the show. Once selected we will include your supplied artwork, bio, and contact information onto our website. Your materials will stay on our site until April the following year. We do not charge a jury fee to keep your total costs at a minimum. If you are not selected, your FULL pre-paid booth entry will be refunded to you by August 30th.

19) Juried Art: All artwork will be juried for “Best overall booth”, “Best overall single piece of art” as well as “Best in Category” for each category/medium. This year’s award winners will automatically be invited to participate in next year’s show. Additional rules, requirements, and overall prize list will be provided by August 10th.

20) Electrical Outlets: Booths with power will be limited, and there will be an additional fee of $75 for these limited booths. Power will be based on a first come, first served basis

21) Sales Tax: Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting Sales Tax. 

22) Set up will be on Saturday, September 22nd between the hours 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OUT OF THE FESTIVAL AREA NO LATER THAN 10:15AM. Once unloaded, easily accessible parking is available. No Vehicles will be allowed in the festival area between the hours of 11:00AM- 7:00PM for the Artist Walk and 11:00AM-10:00PM for Inside the Park.

Questions, please email Wayne Whitesides at info@localmotionfest.com

*** The LocalMotion Arts Festival is brought to you by the Atlanta Tri-Cities Arts Association in conjunction and cooperation with the City of Hapeville, GA.***



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This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency - the National Endowment for the Arts. Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.