Wayne Whitesides



In 2012, I was struggling with how to handle my wife’s diagnosis of the BRCA1 gene and subsequent treatment and surgeries of breast cancer – along with an internal battle with calling graphic design “art.” That year I purchased a pottery wheel to get my head on straight; not realizing that as good as I was 20 years prior, I would be starting again with the very basics. It turns out that centering clay on the wheel wasn’t like riding a bike at all, and my daily exploding head made my wife seriously question my choice of finding my inner Zen. Pottery is now a harmonious part of my everyday life, and I have since started going to art festivals to sell my wares. In 2014, I was asked to take over as the Artist Coordinator for the Historic College Park Arts Festival. In late 2015, I worked to help save the festival from cancellation and in 2017, saddened on the one hand, but excited on the other; we successfully restructured the festival as the LocalMotion Arts Festival in neighboring Hapeville, GA – where I now act as Co-Chairman of the Festival Committee.

I have no agenda and what moves me that day is the direction I go with my art. Far from calling myself a professional potter, I currently sell a limited selection of my art when the stars align and the mood fits.

I will be doing Raku firing demonstrations throughout the day and night at the Festival.

Samples of Wayne’s work: