Lorraine Brennan



My name is Lorraine Brennan. I was born in Suffern NY. At age ten we moved to Mississippi. In culture shock, steeped in the south and with yankee parents, I began my new life in a new world. Coming from such a big loving family with eight siblings, has deeply effected my perspective. I am enamored with the complexity of the human figure and it’s psyche. Having northern and southern experiences has influenced my subject matter as well. The Riding series is the city girl in me, while the Girls Getting Ready series reflects the hot lazy weekends in the South, that I love. I fought being a southern girl, but after living down south longer than I had in NY, I had to except it was having it’s way with me. I dreamed of moving back to the place I was taken from: The art mecca of NYC. As a young foolish artist I thought, “Didn’t my parents know I was gonna become an artist? How could they have taken me away from my destiny?” In the middle of life at age 46, I see now that it is the journey, not the destination that has defined the work. My paintings are modern genre’ scenes of everyday life experiences. I count on the fact that we have universal emotions and experiences. I hope for connections, remembrances, inspiration, and de’ja’ vu, for the viewer. The Riding Series is about being free: A metaphor for traveling through life. We ride out, flying down the the highway of life, lost in our thoughts, on the way to our next experience. The Underwater Series is about freedom as well. It has religious overtones. To float, you must let go, release tension, and have faith. Swimming feels like a religious experience to me. I am able to finally calm my mind and just feel the rhythm of the water, floating, bobbing up and down….. inhale…… exhale……. It is the closest I have ever gotten to meditating and the only time I have been able to visualize my father, whom died from colon cancer at a young 58 years old. All of my work is an Ode’ to the powerful parents, Edward and Alice Brennan, who created and raised nine compassionate children. We are spreading the love that she and my father blessed us with. My family experiences have made me the person and artist I am today.

Samples of Lorraine’s work:


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