Jay Hallinan


Jay began woodworking when he noticed, as a whitewater kayaker, that the kayakers he admired most used wood paddles. So he reasoned that a wood paddle would make him a better kayaker. With a lot of desire, little money, and only the knowledge from a freshman high school woodworking class he began reverse engineering a broken paddle he was given. He carved his first spoon soon after. Despite their appearance, he was very proud of that first paddle and spoon, and very proud of the second and third and the rest. He’s explored a variety of methods and tools for building furniture and carving spoons in the last 20 years. He has a Bachelors degree in Architecture and eleven years experience in the field. Finally realizing that the scale of architecture never quite fit, and that he needed to use the skill of his hands, he’s been building custom furniture for himself and now with Brian Boggs Chairmakers.

Samples of Jays’s work: