Colleen Brooks

Bead Creations GA


I started creating small beaded bracelets about 20 years ago as a fundraiser for Team In Training. When I started in-line skating I saw a need for something unique for ‘skaters’ – recycle bearings found in the wheels. Again, I sold these to raise money for Team In Training. I did well with the fundraising throughout the years and I have friends wearing these creations from Tahiti to Germany.

Work opportunities took me from Michigan to Georgia and I brought my beading with me. At first it started out with something to do while I sat in front on the tv to unwind from the day. Then I got organized, took pictures, gave pieces away to friends or as presents to friends and family. My family encouraged me to try my hand at a craft show and now a website. Custom orders available.

Colleen B

Samples of Colleen’s work: