Anne & Jim McCallum


Anne McCallum grew up in a small town in Iowa, and Jim is from Washington, DC. (In defense, he says that Washington has grocery stores, sidewalks, and churches just like any other town!) Today they live in Ellenwood, Georgia—in Clayton County on the south side of Atlanta. Retired in 2011, they are now “working” on their hobbies.

Anne is an Atlanta Audubon Society Master Birder, volunteering at bird walks and bird banding. She does illustrations for the Audubon Society, her family, and friends. Jim has been seriously interested in digital photography since 2004, and digitally edits and duplicates Anne’s illustrations.

To “keep busy” they volunteer at church and at Reynolds Nature Preserve in Morrow, Georgia. Anne and Jim have two grown sons and have been living in the same house since 1984.

Anne loves their backyard where she has seen 94 species of birds over the years. Some may see the yard as overgrown with weeds, but it has been designated a certified wildlife habitat!

Samples of Anne & Jim’s work: